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CD Wu-Tang - Chamber Music

CD Wu-Tang - Chamber Music

Currency: SGD

The legendary Wu-Tang Clan's new album for 2009, with a return-to-form sound that old school fans have been waiting years for...
Hip-Hop with classic soul and kung-fu elements, with appearances by many rap veterans.
Includes the singles "Harbor Masters" and "lll Figures"

01. Redemption

02. Kill Too Hard

03. The Abbot

04. Harbor Masters

05. Sheep State

06. Radiant Jewels

07. Supreme Architecture

08. Evil Deeds

09. Wise Men

10. I Wish You Were Here

11. Fatal Hesitation

12. Ill Figures

13. Free Like Odb

14. Sound The Horns

15. Enlightened Statues

16. Nyc Crack

17. One Last Question

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