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CD Whigfield - All In One

CD Whigfield - All In One


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The Ultimate collection of Whigfield's biggest hits, plus a 2nd CD of bonus club remixes!

Includes her new hit single 'Right In The Night'!


01. Right In The Night 

02. Think Of You

03. Another Day

04. Was A Time

05. Close To You

06. Saturday Night

07. Rainbow

08. Gotta Getcha

09. No Tears To Cry

10. Sexy Eyes

11. Givin'All My Love

12. Out Of Sight


Bonus Tracks

13. Right In The Night (Balld Version)

14. Right In The Night (Eavretto & Battini Club Mix)

15. Right In The Night (F&A Factor Club Mix)

16. Right In The Night (Doing Time Remix)


Greatest Hits & Remixes CD

01. Saturday Night (Abigails Party Remix)

02. Was A Time (Favretto Remix)

03. Gimme Gimme (American Cut)

04. Think Of You (David Remix)

05. No Tear Of Cry (Original Extended)

06. Sexy Eyes (David's Epic Experience)

07. Givin' All My Love (Alesis Extended Mix)

08. Gotta Getcha (Extended)

09. Much More (DJ Nukk Extended)

10. Whigfield's Ultimate Megamix

11. Close To You (Downtown Remix)

12. Doo Whop (Rivaz Tune Club)

13. Gimme Gimme (Original Extended)

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