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CD Topmodelz - Back To The 80s

CD Topmodelz - Back To The 80s


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2nd Album featuring the greatest rock classics of the 1980s!

Revamped and remixed by Germany's award-winning hard dance producer Topmodelz


Best Of Topmodelz -

1    Heat Of The Moment (Single Mix)
2    Take On Me (Album Mix) 
3    Maniac (Single Mix)
4    Time To Wonder (Single Mix)
5    Love Somebody (Single Mix)
6    Take Me Home Tonight (Single Mix)
7    Touch Me (Single Mix)
8    Paradise (Single Mix)
9    Two Princes (Album Mix)

10. Where did you go now ( (Single Mix)

11. Summer ( (Single Mix)

12. Strings of infinity


CD2 Bonus club remixes

01. Heat Of The Moment (Extended Mix)

02. 12 Take On Me (Darwich Remix)

03. Maniac (Dave Ramone Remix)

04. Time To Wonder (Limelight Remix)

05. Love Somebody (Extended Mix)

06. Take Me Home Tonight (Extended Mix)

07. Non-Stop hits megamix

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