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The Ultra Lounge Project

The Ultra Lounge Project

Currency: SGD

Avant garde Pop & Electro Jazz by Europe's top fusion artiste Flabby & Gabin

CD1 (Performed by Flabby)

01. Everybody Loves Me

02. Round & Round

03. Mambo Italiano

04. Diggy Doggy Doo

05. You Are My Pretty Lover

06. Sometimes

07. The Sea Of You

08. Don't Break This Heart Of Mine

09. The Sound Of Sunday Morning

10. Never More

11. A Simple Song From Me To You

12. Everything Of You


CD2 (Performed by Gabin)

01. Mr. Freedom

02. Just Be Yourself

03. The Other Way Round

04. If You Want Me

05. City Song

06. Into My Soul

07. Bang Bang To The Rock N' Roll

08. The Thousand And One Nights

09. Boomerang

10. I Gotta Go For Love

11. Lies (Acoustic Version)

12. Midnight Cafe

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