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CD The Magic Garden - Instrumental Collection Vol.1

CD The Magic Garden - Instrumental Collection Vol.1

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Enchanted Garden by Stuart Michael

Garden Bliss By Chris Glassfield

The Magic Garden Instrumental Collection has been specially created to be listened quietly whilst out in the garden. Each album is the ideal accompaniment for gently relaxing with nature. Its subliminal quality, which can be enjoyed indoors or out, creates a wonderful natural ambience perfectly in tune with nature.

CD1 Enchanting Garden by Stuart Michael

01. Dancing On The Lake

02. Have I Told You Lately?

03. Suspended In Bliss

04. Garden Swing

05. Pretty Little Thing

06. Love & Truth

07. Valley Of Beauty

08. Fairies Asleep

Written, performed and produced by Stuart Michael

Vocals by Sarah Michael


CD2 Garden Bliss by Chris Glassfield

01. One Afternoon

02. Even Song

03. Swan Song

04. Waiting

05. An English Rose

06. Inner Blue

07. Old Flame

08. Raindrop

09. Golden Land

10. The Last Serenader

Written, arranged and produced by Chris Glassfield

Guitars: Chris Glassfield

Flute: Suzannah Wray

Recorded and mixed at Glass Studios, Totnes

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