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CD The Best Christian Pop Album

CD The Best Christian Pop Album

Currency: SGD

45 contemporary hits of praise and worship!


01. Lord I Lift Your Name High

02. Hallelujah

03. Blessed

04. Father Blessed Father

05. Alive

06. Anything Is Possible

07. Here I Am To Worship

08. Whatever She Wants

09. Loss For Words

10. Forever

11. God Is In Control

12. Lord Regin In Me

13. Who Am I

14. Yes I Believe In God

15. Come Together



01. I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever

02. You Are My King

03. Day By Day

04. Another Time, Another Place

05. Jesus Is

06. I Am

07. Back In His Arms Again

08. Every Move I Make

09. Yes I Believe

10. Testify To Love

11. Where I Wanna Be

12. Lord I Don't Know

13. Sing Alleluia

14. I Will Follow Christ

15. Now



01. You Are My King (Amazing Love)

02. Written On My Heart

03. All Around The World

04. When You Call On Jesus

05. What If Cartoons Got Saved

06. Song Of Love

07. I've Always Loved You

08. Cry Out For Jesus

09. God Of Wonders

10. Brave

11. You Found Me

12. Where Is The Faith

13. Wait For Me

14. Better Is One Day

15. You Are The Way

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