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CD The 5 Browns In Hollywood

CD The 5 Browns In Hollywood


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The 5 Browns are 5 piano prodigy siblings, world-renowned for passionately meshing the worlds of classical music and cinema!

01.   Star Wars: "suite for five pianos"  
02.   To Kill A Mockingbird: "main title"  
03.   "Over the Rainbow"  
04.   "Solace" (a mexican serenade)  
05.   "Three Waltzes For 5 Browns"  (disney movie medly) 
06.   The Hours: "morning passages"  
07.   The Sound of Music: "my favorite things" 
08.   Atonement  
09.   Catch Me If You Can: "opening credits"  
10.   Romeo And Juliet: "a renaissance timepiece" 
11.   Psycho: "prelude"  
12.   Vertigo: "scene d'amour"  
13.   North By Northwest: "the wild ride"

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