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CD Sleep Therapy Vol.2

CD Sleep Therapy Vol.2

Currency: SGD

The perfect ambient music accompaniment to a perfect sleep
4 CDs 4 hours of music

Sleep Therapy Music has been proven to reduce stress and create a feeling of general well-being and a blissful mental state.
Take a break from the stress of daily living with ambient soundtrack like this CD collection...
Lush environment music and sounds inspired by nature's wildlife and ocean life.
Be mesmerized by the majesty of wild birds and the misty peace of the rainforest, or take a dive with the splendour of whales and dolphins against the gentle crash of waves. Whatever world you choose to immerse yourself in, all will invoke powerful feelings of relaxation and tranquility.


01. Land Of Dreams 30min 16sec

02. Into The Night 30min 14sec



01. Peacefulness 19min 54sec

02. Inner Peace 20min 13sec

03. Peace Of Mind 20min 17sec



01. Magical Atmosphere 15min 13sec

02. Utopia 15min 14sec

03. Beyond Time & Space 15min 17sec

04. Dawn 15min 00sec



01. Morning Bliss  09min 40sec

02. Magical Sun  09min 12sec

03. Sunrise  09min 17sec

04. Cruising 09min 29sec

05. Joyful Afternoon 09min 40sec

06. Morning Colours 09min 14sec

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