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CD Scotty - The First Decade

CD Scotty - The First Decade

Currency: SGD

Includes the all-time Euro club classics "God Is A DJ", "The Black Pearl" and more!


01 All Around You feat. Myon, Aruna & Shane 54

02. The Theme

03. Flatline feat. Kyler England

04. Nothing Ever Lasts feat. Andrew Bayer

05. Not Enough Time feat. Emma Hewitt

06. Barra

07. A Day That Fades feat. Roxanne Emery

08. Calm Down feat. Emma Hewitt

09. Under Your Spell feat. Aruna

10. Should've Known feat. Tiff Lacey

11. I Feel Wonderful feat. Jan Johnston

12. Body Of Conflict feat. Denise Rivera

13. Be Your Sound feat. Emma Hewitt



01 Wake Your Mind feat. Cary Brothers

02. Exploration Of Space (Back 2 The Future Remix)

03. Fire Wire (Back 2 The Future Remix)

04. Raging (Duderstadt Remix)

05. Back To Earth (Jochen Miller Remix)

06. Human Beings (Estiva Remix)

07. The Truth (Cold Blue Remix)

08. Should've Known (Wippenberg Remix)

09. Fire Wire (Rank 1 Remix)

10. The Drums (Markus Schulz Remix)

11. Melt To The Ocean (John O'Callaghan's Main Room Remix)

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