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CD Sanave - In Touch With Angels

CD Sanave - In Touch With Angels


Currency: SGD


The essential soundtrack to the new 6th season of this Golden Globe Awards / Emmy Awards winning rock 'n' roll TV Series

01. Kirianama (Angel Of Peace)

02. Tua Jendala (Angel Of Lightness)

03. Inturiamo (Angel Of The Night)

04. Yanda Laa (A Dancing Angel)

05. Luvadee (Angel Of Confidence)

06. Serea (The Angel Of Truth)

07. Urianama (The Angel Of Silence)

08. Anamale Mani Manua (Guardian Angel)

09. Vale Agama (Angel Of Rapture)

10. Inuri Kanoo (Angel Of Awakening)

11. Lanuh (Angel Of Harmony)

12. Ella Leij (Angel Of Passion)

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