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CD Pure Club Anthems 2016

CD Pure Club Anthems 2016

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One of the most respected and prolific electronic trance artistes / DJs of all time!

Special 3-CD collectors album compiling Cosmic Gate's greatest hits since 1999, plus exclusive club remixes!

CD 1
01. In My Mind-The Vibeguardz feat. Pit Bailay
02. Come With Me 2016-Special D
03. Take It All-DJ Kryst-Off feat. Breaker
04. Passion 2.0-Alex M
05. Let’s Get Excited-Danceboy
06. Bass, Beats & Melody (Clubbasse Remix)-Brooklyn Bounce
07. The Drum-MvD & NO
08. Yeah-Aquagen meets Freddy Fader
09. Never Give Up-Johan K feat. Tony T & Florentina 
10. The Good Things (Club Edit)-Eric Boy feat. Joe Thompson
11. Higher (Vox Edit)-Adam van Garrel
12. Work It-Alex M
13. Call Me-Tube Tonic & Dave Cansis
14. Can’t Stop Raving-Bomb ‘N Amato
15. Feel The Fire-Andi Valo
16. Love This World-DJ Satim
17. We Gonna End Up-The North Works
18. Don’t You-Alex Estévez & Liv Shore
19. Last Forever-Philip Aelis feat. Sarah Shields
20. Summer Love-Bounce Bro & Gemma B.

CD 2 (Bonus DJ Extended Versions)
01. In My Mind (DJ Selecta Club Remix)-The Vibeguardz feat. Pit Bailay
02. Come With Me (Ste Ingham Club Remix)  Special D
03. Take It All (Zorneus & Breaker Club Remix)-DJ Kryst-Off feat. Breaker
04. Passion 2.0 (Calmani & Grey Club Remix)-Alex M
05. Let’s Get Excited (Club Mix)-Danceboy
06. Club Bizarre (Battery! & Mystery System Remix)-Brooklyn Bounce
07. The Drum (Club Mix)-MvD & NO
08. Yeah! (Club Mix)-Aquagen meets Freddy Fader
09. Never Give Up (Club Mix)-Johan K feat. Tony T & Florentina
10. The Good Things (Club Mix)-Eric Boy feat. Joe Thompson
CD 3 (Bonus DJ Extended Versions)
01. Higher (Vox Club Mix)-Adam van Garrel 
02. Work It (Club Remix)-Alex M
03. Call Me (Club Mix)-Tube Tonic & Dave Cansis  
04. Can’t Stop Raving (Club Mix)-Bomb ‘N Amato
05. Feel The Fire (Club Mix)-Andi Valo
06. Love This World (Club Mix)-DJ Satim
07. We Gonna End Up (Club Mix)-The North Works
08. Don’t You (Club Mix)-Alex Estévez & Liv Shore 
09. Last Forever (Andrew Fisher Club Remix)-Philip Aelis feat. Sarah Shields
10. Summer Love (Club Mix)-Bounce Bro & Gemma B.         

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