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CD Prince Alec - Glam & Love

CD Prince Alec - Glam & Love

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Germany's renowned nu-Jazz musician Prince Alec releases a brand new album for 2008, once again collaborating with the sessionist talents of Yasmin K, Fontaine Burnett, Jan Kunstmann, Shaham Joyce, Chazz and Kristofer Vio. Great vocals and astounding instrumentation make this a musical experience that must be heard by all Jazz aficionados.

01. Intro

02. Wide Beach

03. Free Your Mind

04. When The Sun Goes Down

05. Step By Step

06. Keep On Groovin'

07. I Can't Sleep

08. You Are The One

09. Lily Is Not Here

10. Glam & Love

11. With The Sunshine

12. Avantgarde

13. Flower Tattoo

14. Such Is Life

15. The Big Day

16. An Meinem Strand

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