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Pinoy Sunday

Pinoy Sunday


Currency: SGD


2010 Golden Horse Awards, Best New Director


Pinoy Sunday tells the story two Overseas Filipino Workers, Manuel and Dato, who unexpectedly witness a couple arguing, resulting in an expensive-looking, brand new leather sofa, discarded on the sidewalk. They decide to bring it back to their ragged dormitory in their outskirts of Taipei so that they will be able to enjoy cold beers sitting on it at sunset, bringing back the feeling of being in their Filipino village.


Unable to afford any type of delivery service, they start to carry the precious sofa across town, on foot. Along this improbable and absurd journey. Manuel and Dabo encounter different archetypal characters, in often humorous and poignant scenes. Although uncertain about what the future will bringthem, there is one thing that becomes clear to them : no mater what difficulties lay ahead, they are ready for a new day, or a new life because of the courage and dreams that are alive in them.

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