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CD Nitrous Oxide - Dreamcatcher

CD Nitrous Oxide - Dreamcatcher

Currency: SGD

"Trance music that bristles with both energy and musicality, thanks to rich soundscapes and progressive electro elements" = DJ Magazine

The debut full-length artiste album from Nitrous Oxide, the new superstar from the Anjunabeats label.

01. Alderaan

02. North Pole (Album Edit)

03. Mirror's Edge

04. Follow You feat. Aneym

05. Muriwai

06. Blurry Motion

07. Downforce

08. Come Into My World feat. Sean Ryan

09. Dreamcatcher

10. Far Away feat. Aneym

11. Endorphine

12. Supra

13. Amnesia (Chill Out Mix)

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