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Music Wellness For Pets

Music Wellness For Pets

Currency: SGD

Music to soothe and relax cats and dogs...
Ideal for loneliness, anxiety and stress.

This brand new CD series is specially tailored for the cats and dogs we love.
More than 2 hours of music mixed with soft nature sounds...
to conjure feelings of warmth and comfort for pets who are left alone.

CD1 (Performed By Pianist Bob Edwards)

01. Fantasy Impromptu

02. Prelude 1

03. Pathetique

04. Nocturne

05. Intermezzo

06. Raindrop Prelude

07. Moonlight

08. Tempo Da Sarabanda

09. Andante Cantabile

10. Berceuse

11. Romanza

12. Lento


CD2 (Composed & Performed By Guitarist Chris Glassfield)

01. Plains Song

02. Nomad

03. Silhouettes

04. Sun Bird

05. Beyond The Sky

06. Morning Clouds

07. Oasis

08. Golden Day

09. Shadows

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