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CD Monique Klemann - On Patrol

CD Monique Klemann - On Patrol

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Remarkable solo debut from this famous Dutch songstress, featuring her unique renditions of classics like "The Look Of Love, "Cry Me A River" and "Good Morning Heartache".
Also contains Monique's original hit single "Don't Speak".

For more than 20 years, Monique Klemann has been performing and selling records and was the driving force behind the famous Dutch Popband Lois Lane, with an album scoring the no.1 spot on the Dutch Top 100 chart.

Her debut solo album "On Patrol" is a more personal reflection of her passion for Jazz music, and her extraordinary voice commands every serious music lover's attention.

01. In The Land Of Make Believe

02. The Wild Places

03. The Look Of Love

04. Stay

05. Don't Speak (Naked)

06. On Patrol

07. Cry Me A River

08. Haze

09. Lonely Town

10. Mr. Irresistible

11. GoodMorning Heartache

12. What In The World

13. Don't Speak

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