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CD Manian Hands Up Forever

CD Manian Hands Up Forever

Currency: SGD

CD1 Original Edits

01. Hands Up Forever

02. Don't Stop The Dancing

03. Party Nonstop  

04. Just Another Night (Anthem 4)

05. Bite My Tongue

06. R.I.O.

07. Speed Of Light 

08. Burn Down The House

09. Awesome In A Box

10. I'm In Love With The DJ

11. Don't Wake Me Up

12. Feel Free         

13. Saturday Night 

14. Taking Off

15. F.A.Q.

16. Cold As Ice

17. Toca Me


CD 2 Remix Edits

01. Don't Stop The Dancing        

02. I'm In Love With The DJ        

03. Just Another Night (Anthem 4)

04. Tonight

05. Hands Up Forever

06. Saturday Night

07. Don't Stop The Dancing

08. Hands Up Forever      

09. Just Another Night (Anthem 4)

10. Party Nonstop

11. I'm In Love With The DJ

12. Like A Prayer

13. Burn Down The House

14. I'm In Love With The DJ

15. Bite My Tongue

16. Don't Stop The Dancing

17. Feel Free

18. Speed Of Light

19. Tonight  

20. Just Another Night (Anthem 4)

21. Like A Prayer  

22. Ravers Fantasy

23. Hold Me Tonight


CD 3 Exclusive Club Versions & Remixes

01.Hands Up Forever (Extended Mix)

02.Hands Up Forever (Black Toys Club Remix)

03.Don’t Stop The Dancing (Extended Mix)

04.Don’t Stop The Dancing

     (Pulsedriver’s Old School Club Remix)

05.Just Another Night (Anthem 4)

     (Manian Club Remix)

06.Just Another Night (Anthem 4)

     (Floorfilla Club Remix)

07.Bite My Tongue (King & White Club Remix)

08.Tonight (R.I.O. Club Remix)

09.I’m In Love With The DJ  (Money G Club Remix)

10.Feel Free (Extended Mix)

11.Feel Free (Whirlmond Club Remix)

12.Saturday Night (ItaloBrothers Club Remix)

13.Like A Prayer (DJs From Mars Club Remix)

14.Ravers Fantasy (Jorg Schmid Club Remix)

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