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CD Lovin' Wellness Vol.2

CD Lovin' Wellness Vol.2

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Relaxing, well-being music for busy people
Lovin' Wellness is a music series specially tailored for the busy working executive who's constantly on the move. It helps invoke a healthier lifestyle through the discovery of the healing benefits of music and alternative therapies.

The soothing melodies on these 2 renowned artiste albums will help to relax the mind, life the spirit and re-energize the body by encouraging an inner calm and natural balance within.

CD1 Pure Relaxation by Helen Rhodes (Ambient & Healing Music)

01. Ocean Horizons

02. By The Shore

03. Barefoot On The Beach

04. Island Hideaway

05. Sands Of Now & Forever

06. The Wind Beckons

07. Refreshing Breeze

08. Paradise Like This

Total playing time: 68min 11sec


CD2 Quiet Days by Brendan O'Neil (Light & Easy- Listening Instrumental Jazz)

01. Perfect Moment

02. Three Day Weekend

03. Sunset Dreams

04. Day Dreaming Of You

05. Just Another Day

06. When Alone

07. Long Ride Home

08. Feeling Good

09. Gentle Persuasion

10. Take A Little Chance

11. Quiet Days

12. Sweet Lullaby

13. Soul Embrance

14. Glow

Total playing time: 65min 07sec

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