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Lola Dutonic - The Definitive French Lounge Single

Lola Dutonic - The Definitive French Lounge Single

Currency: SGD

The Greatest Hits of Lola Dutronic.. retro-futurism downtempo music from France
"An electronica homage to the 60's and 70's... comparable to St. Etienne and Air" - BBC


01. Lolatron

02. It's A Lovely Day

03. Un Histoire De Plage

04. Le Model

05. Song For Edie

06. La Mer (Beyond The Sea)

07. Last Day Of The Season

08. Sukiyaki

09. Driving In The Rain

10. Beautiful World

11. The World Is Waiting For You

12. Chanson De L'Amour

13. Here Comes The Winter

14. Maritza 3000



01. Girl On A Motorcycle

02. Walking On Sunshine

03. La Fin De Lete

04. Camille 2000

05. To Sir With Love

06. Mystere

07. Airport

08. Porpoise Song

09. Ma Jeunesse Fout

10. Les Cheveus De Mon Amour

11. La Plage (The Beach)

12. A Xmas Without Snow

13. Soleil Soleil

14. La Maritza

15. Walking On Sunshine (English Version)

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