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CD Leonard T - Synthwave

CD Leonard T - Synthwave

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SYNTHWAVE is a collection of retro-electronic songs that brings beats from the 1980s, sends them though modern-day computer systems, and spits out music that you can drive to all night. Inspired by '80s electro-pop, synthesizers and film soundtracks, synthwave is quickly rising in popularity among music fans, and it has spilled over into movies, video games and mainstream dance. Singaporean musician Leonard T, one of the pioneers of synthwave, has compiled all his 1980s fashioned hits into one distinct, memorable album for the ages.

01. Life In New Wave
02. I'll Dance Alone
03. With You
04. Freaks Come Out
05. Starry Shiny People
06. Night Drive
07. Requiem For The '80s
08. Romantique Electrique
09. Home Is Where The Song Is
10. Does He Know That You Still Cry
11. Dance To Disco, Don't Like Rock
12. I Used To Be Loved
13. Robot Disco
14. The Lights Have Gone Out
15. Big City Nights
16. The Right One
17. Heaven Is Cold
18. With You (Maia Lee Vocal Mix)
19. Laguna
20. Tron Punk

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