CD Leonard T & Starfunk Ultimate Collection 02-12


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2-CD Greatest Hits album + 5 new songs, from Singapore's electro pop-dance icon...

Featuring vocals by Maia Lee, Shannon, Chris Ho, Jamie Yeo and other guest stars!

01. Fill Her Up

02. Another Guest DJ

03. China Girls 2012

04. Princess Disco

05. Drink, Wasted, Naked

06. Respect 2012

07. The Lights Have Gone Out 2012

08. With You (Sunrise Mix)

09. Feel Good

10. Wannabe Radio DJ 201211. How Do I Say It? (Lush Remix)

12. Another Guest DJ (Extended Rap Mix)

13. China Girls 2012 (Club Beats Remix)

14. Princess Disco (Extended Mix)

15. Drink, Wasted, Naked (Extended Rap Mix)

16. Respect 2012 (Extended Mix)

17. The Lights Have Gone Out 2012 (Extended Mix)

18. Feel Good (Free Dub Mix)

19. Lie To Me 2012 (Shannon's Dirty House Mix)

20. The Way That You 2012 (Sub Bass Mix)

21. We Belong To The Night

22. Wannabe Radio DJ 2012 (Don Bosco's Guitar Mix)

23. Go! If There’s No Love


Bonus CD

01. How Do I Say It? (Lush Remix)

02. Another Guest DJ ( Extended Rap Mix)

03. China Girl 2012 (Club Beats Remix)

04. Princess Disco (Extended Mix)

05. Drink, Wasted, Naked (Extended Rap Mix)

06. Respect (Extended Mix)

07. The Lights Have Gone Out (Extended Mix)

08. Feel Good (Free Dub Mix)

09. Dance To Disco, Don't Like Rock (Trance Vocal Mix)

10. Lie To Me (Shannon's Dirty House Mix)

11. The Way That You (Sub Bass Mix)

12. Freaks Come Out (US Qubiq Remix)

13. Starry Shiny People (Extended Mix)

14. Heaven Is Cold (Club Beats Remix)

15. Wannabe Radio DJ (Don Bosco's Guitar Mix)

16. Go! If There's No Love (Extended Mix)

17. Respect (Hands-Up Club Remix)

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