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CD Eurodance Club Back2basic

CD Eurodance Club Back2basic


Currency: SGD


New Dance Hits In Classic Eurodisco Style!


01. Arrhythmic (2k17 Remix) - Pulse Of The Beat

02. Big Ben (Radio Edit) - Acting Lovers

03. Take My Heart (Into The Sky) (Radio Version) - Marcel De Van feat. Anna Jones

04. Let Somebody Love You - Madam Tone

05. Canyon Of My Heart (S.E.X. Appeal Extended Mix) - Lyane Leigh

06. Mountain Boy - Kissing Pollyanna

07. What Would You Do (Jenkki-Club Remix) - Nick Cold feat. Mara Klang

08. (Do You Think it's) Magic 2k17 (Hands Up Edit) - Experience Of Music feat. Lyane Leigh

09. Vocoder Dance - Marcel De Van

10. Bart Don't Break My Heart (Radio Edit) - Acting Lovers

11. Atlantis 2k17 (BMonde Remix) - S.E.X. Appeal

12. Take Me On (Heartbeat-Mix) - TP feat. Lana

13. Nite Of The Groove (Experience Of Music Happy Rave Re-Cut) - Shanghai'D Beats

14. Wild Beast (Radio Edit) - S.E.X. Appeal

15. Another Time Another Place (Dance Cut Mix) - Giuseppe Alicata

16. Anybody (Message Of Love) - X-Tension

17. Another Night (DJ Artonic Radio Mix) - Tamo feat. DJ Artonic

18. Martha Wears A Wonder Bra (Radio Edit) - Acting Lovers



01. Disco (Radio Edit) - GTS Project

02. Sexy Boy (S.E.X. Appeal Radio Edit) - Lyane Leigh

03. Try To Find (Radio Edit) - A.Voltage feat. Elaine Winter

04. Tonight (Radio Edit) - Michael Marin

05. New Day (Radio Edit) - Kyra Pharao & Siam

06. Another Night 2k17 (Experience Of Music Re-Edit) - Tamo feat. Lyane Leigh

07. Alex Needs A Lover (Radio Edit) - Acting Lovers

08. Turn It Up N Burn It Down (Radio Edit) - Ray Ramon

09. Stay The Night (Nightlife Mix) - X-Tension

10. The Sun Always Shines On TV (Radio Edit) - Danny Gee

11. I Can Reach Nobody (Radio Edit) - Franca Morgano

12. Children Of The Night (Radio Edit) - Nick Cold

13. If You Say It Again (Stormby Mix Edit) - Rozalla

14. In My Dreams (Dream Dance Edit 2017) - Marcel De Van feat. Anna Jones

15. The Top (Radio Version) - JD Streams

16. Hardhouse (S.E.X. Appeal 2k17 Rap Edit) - Experience Of Music feat. Lyane Leigh

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