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CD Elvis Re:loaded! Vol 2

CD Elvis Re:loaded! Vol 2

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S$14.00Sale Price
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Special Collector's Edition

Original vocal recordings and hits of The King, revamped and updated for today's generation!
(Remixed by SPANKOX, the only top European dance producer to have full access to Elvis Presley's original vocals)


01.Heartbreak Hotel  Spankox Re: Version - Ago Radio Edit

02.Blue Suede Shoes Spankox Remix

03.You Give Me Fever Spankox HBE Remix

04.Gonna Get Back Home Somehow Spankox Remix

05.Such An Easy Question Spankox Remix

06.I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell

07.We’re Gonna Move Spankox Re:Mix - Ago Album Edit

08.I Feel So Bad Spankox Remix

09.Make Me Know It Spankox Remix

10.Big Boots Spankox Remix

11.Didja’ Ever Spankox Remix

12.Judy Spankox Remix

13.You’re A Heartbreaker 

     Spankox Re:Version - Highpass Radio Edit

14.I Want You With Me Spankox Remix

15.Paralyzed Spankox Re:Mix - Highpass Album Cut

16.I’m Coming Home Spankox Remix

17.Baby Let’s Play House 

     Spankox Re:Version - Highpass Radio Edit



01.A Mess of Blues Spankox Remix

02.Doncha’ Think It’s Time Spankox Remix

03.I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry

     Spankox Re:Mix - Highpass Album Cut

04.In Your Arms Spankox Remix

05.Poor Boy Spankox Re:Mix - Highpass Album Cut

06.Put The Blame On Me Spankox Remix

07.Steppin’ Out Of Line Spankox Remix

08.All Shook Up Spankox Re:Version - Highpass Album Cut

09.One Sided Love Affair Spankox Re:Mix - Highpass Radio Edit

10.Flaming Star Spankox Remix

11.A Big Hunk O’ Love Spankox Re:Mix - Highpass Radio Edit

12.Shoppin’ Around Spankox Remix

13.Too Much Spankox Re:Version - Highpass Album Cut

14.I Believe Spankox Remix - Ago Album Mix

15.King Creole Spankox Re:Mix - Highpass Edit

16.Blue Moon Of Kentucky 

     Spankox Re:Mix - Highpass Extended Mix

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