CD Diane Hubka - Good Jazz Collection

CD Diane Hubka - Good Jazz Collection


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The award-winning vocalist was a vital member of the New York and Washington DC jazz scenes for over two decades. Originally from Western Maryland, this Blue-Ridge Mountain-bred artist grew up in a musical family and learned violin, trombone and guitar by the time she was ten. After graduating from the University of Maryland, Diane moved to Washington DC and began frequenting numerous jazz clubs. She absorbed the sounds of local legends Charlie Byrd and Shirley Horn in such venues as One Step Down and Blues Alley, where within a few short years, she became a featured performer.


An engaging song stylist and gifted guitarist, Diane has "made her way into a select group of jazz vocalists/instrumentalists where she rightly assumes a place of honor" (ALL ABOUT JAZZ)

CD 1

01. The Long Goodbye    

02. I'm Old Fashioned     

03. Moment To Moment  

04. Wave  

05. Romance        

06. You Only Live Twice

07. Look No Further        

08. Sunday In New York

09. Never Never Land     

10. Don't You Know Me?           

11. Close Enough For Love         

12. Alone Together          

13. In April          

14. Thinking Of You


CD 2

01. Manha de Carnaval                

02. Blue Moon                             

03. The Look Of Love                 

04. Lover's In New York             

05. The Bad and The Beautiful   

06. It's Your Dance                      

07. Suddenly                                

08. Inside A Silent Tear               

09. My Kind Of Love                  

10. You Inspire Me                      

11. The Old New Waltz               

12. He's A Tramp                         

13. Wild Is The Wind                  

14. Lazy Afternoon