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CD David Soul Collector's Series

CD David Soul Collector's Series


Currency: SGD

Includes his all-time popular hits "Don't Give Up On Us", "Silver Lady", "Going In With My Eyes Open" and more.


01. Don't Give Up On Us

02. Simple Man / Waking Up Alone

03. Beachwood Blues

04. To A Heart That's True

05. Silver Lady

06. Jazzman

07. Fools For Each Other

08. It Sure Brings Out The Love In Your Eyes

09. I'd Be Doggone

10. Mean Old Woman

11. You're A Woman Now

12. I Drink

13. Goodbye Gatsby

14. Going In With My Eyes Open

15. Bird On A Wire

16. Black Bean Soup

17. Playing To An Audience Of Me

18. I Wish I Was



01. Don't Give Up On Us (new version feat. Buena Fe)

02. Let's Have A Quiet Night In

03. Can't We Just Sit And Talk It Over

04. Tattler

05. Rider

06. Tomorrow Child

07. By The Devil I Was

08. Nobody But A Fool Or A Preacher

09. Mary's Fancy

10. The Wall

11. 1927 Kansas City

12. Hooray For Hollywood

13. Landlord

14. Seem To Miss So Much

15. Ex Lover

16. Topanga

17. Tearing The Good Times

18. The Best Days Of My Life

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