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CD Daniel Slam - Jackson

CD Daniel Slam - Jackson

Currency: SGD

Germany's prince of house and electro-disco releases his debut album...
Includes the Euro dance chart singles "Play The Funk", "Music Talkin'" and "Headlines"!

CD1 Main Album

01. Falling Down

02. Follow The Funk

03. Jackson

04. Play The Funk

05. Headlines

06. Music Talkin'

07. You

08. Get It On

09. In My Dreams

10. Your Love

11. When I'm In Love

12. Dance

13. Blow Up

14. Make Ya Sweat


CD2 Extended Club Remixes

01. Blow Up (Soul'D'Out Remix)

02. Make Ya Sweat (Soul'D'Out Remix)

03. Headlines (Tosch Remix)

04. Music Talkin' (Tosch Remix)

05. Your Love (Nick Da Cruz Remix)

06. Play The Funk (MEA Remix)

07. Get It On (Andrew Spencer Remix)

08. You (Thomas You Remix)

09. In My Dreams (2-4 Grooves Remix)

10. Follow The Funk (Burning Soul Remix)

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