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Covered In The Lounge

Covered In The Lounge

Currency: SGD

A premium collection of chilled downtempo remakes of classic dance hits.

Featuring brilliant lounge covers of "Blue", "Rhythm Of The Night", "I'll Fly With You", "Children", "Missing" and more

01. Rhythm Of The Night - Acoustik-Undo

02. Right In The Night (Original Mix) - Whigfield

03. I'll Fly With You (L'Amour Toujours) - Didascalis

04. Sweet Harmony (Groovecafe Remix) - Corrado Vanzo feat. Groovecafe

05. Think About The Way - Aquarama

06. Blue (Da Ba Dee) - Sculaccini Sisters

07. The Game - Neja

08. Children (Chill Bill Mix) - Lunar Kings feat. Triin

09. Your Love (Re-Feeling Mix) - Re-Touch feat. Taylor G

10. Mas Experience - Benedetta * Cecconi presents Subsonar Chemistry

11. Missing (Deppstar Remix) - Nicola Fasano feat. Paula B.

12. It's A Fine Day - Luca D

13. The Colour Inside - Dhea

14. Believe (Jazz Fusion Mix) - Music Emotion

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