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CD Coffee For Her

CD Coffee For Her

Currency: SGD

The perfect soundtrack for a lazy day at the sidewalk cafe.
Classic international pop songs, reinterpreted in exotic jazz style.

CD1 (Cafe Au Lait, International)

01. Intro

02. Ojo Como Va (Tito Puente)

03. Celebration (Ronald Bell)

04. When I Fall In Love (Victor Young)

05. Taking A Chance Of Love (J.Latauche/ T.Fettes/ V.Duke)

06. That Warm Feeling (Sammy Nestico)

07. Las Chicas Cha-Cha (Ambros Seelos)

08. Corinna (Traditional)

09. Get Back (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)

10. Pink Panther (H.Mancini)

11. Sea Of Love (George Khoury / Philip Bastice)

12. Rico Vacilon (Rulz Rosendo)

13. Jailhouse Rock(Jerry Leilber / Mike Stoller)

14. Latina Bossa Nova (Traditional)

15. Lady Madonna (John Lennon / Paul McCartney)

16. I Feel Good (James Brown)


CD2 (Cafe de Paris, French)

01. Vesoul - Sebastian Farge (Jacques Brel)

02. Imposture - Danielle Pauly (Gus Viseur et Joss Baselli)

03. Legende du Musette - Danielle Pauly (Louis Ferrari et Gus Viseur)

04. Les Feuilles Mortes - Sebastian Farge (Jacques Prevert - Vladmir Kosma)

05. La Ritale - Jean Corti (Jo Privat)

06. Double Scotch - Sebastian Farge (Marcel Azzola)

07. Cass-tete - Gebe et Philippe Gerard (Traditional)

08. Roulotte - Sebastian Farge (Louis Corchia)

09. Spleen - Sebastian Farge (Richard Galliano)

10. Accordecelte - Danielle Pauly (Youenn Le Berre et Francois Ovide)

11. Attendre - Sebastian Farge (Patrice Peyrieras)

12. Rapide Digitale - Danielle Pauly (Michel et Claude Geney) 

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