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CD Chris Standring Collector's Series

CD Chris Standring Collector's Series

Currency: SGD

"Chris Standring is one of Britain's most talented Jazz guitarists..." - Mike Bradley, London Times


01. Catwalk

02. Kaleidoscope

03. Constellation

04. A Method To The Madness

05. I Can't Help Myself

06. Soul Express

07. Through The Looking Glass

08. Mumbo Jumbo

09. As

10. Shooting Stars

11. Giant Steps



01. Qwertyuiop

02. Love & Paragraphs

03. As Luck Would Have It

04. Have Your Cake And Eat It

05. Liquid Soul

06. Ooh Bop

07. C.S. In The Sunshine

08. That's What I Thought You Said

09. Qu'est-ce Que Tu Fais?

10. Reflection

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