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CD Vittoria And The Hyde Park - #VHP

CD Vittoria And The Hyde Park - #VHP


Currency: SGD


"Vittoria & The Hyde Park is a refreshing Italian dance band in today's competitive international club scene." - Rolling Stone Magazine

Debut Album contains their hit singles "Tomorrow", "Burn Down The Summer" and "Fever"


01. Burn Down The Summer

02. Liars And Thieves

03. No Vacancy

04. This Spell

05. If Tomorrow Never Comes

06. Dimes feat. Ben Alexander

07. Let's Talk About Us

08. Calling You Names

09. Tomorrow (We Want To Love)

10. Fever

11. This Spell



01. Burn Down The Summer (Acoustic Version)

02. Fever (Electro Acoustic Version)

03. Tomorrow (Andreas Beutling Rmx)

04. Tomorrow (ABO Remix Edit)

05. Tomorrow (ABO Remix Extended)

06. Tomorrow (Andrea Belli & Jack & Joy Radio Remix)

07. Tomorrow (Andrea Belli & Jack & Joy Remix)

08. Tomorrow (Andrea Belli & Stereomode Radio Remix)

09. Tomorrow (Andrea Belli & Stereomode Remix)

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