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Cafe Goa

Cafe Goa

Currency: SGD

A chillout downtempo soundtrack inspired by India's Shanti beach paradise

Goa, a treasured part of the world. A reflection of the beauty and tranquility of the Indian continent. A paradise for many, and much more than that for others.
A place where music is a second language and where people come together.
The place you'd rather be, with friendly faces and a tranquilizing vibe.

Take a dip in the water, admire the golden sunsets to a backdrop of coconut trees and eclectic music coming out from every shack. A perfect combination of scenery and serenity, an ideal afternoon on the peaceful beaches of Goa.

The beautiful weather and the wonderful ambience make every sunset a special one. Fishermen pullout their boats while the sun reluctantly gives up its last rays, before vanishing below the horizon.

Goa. It's a state of mind...

01. Conjuring Rain - Angel Tears

02. Aloft - Mere Mortals

03. Breath - Space Cat & Oforia

04. Prayer Song - Aqualia

05. Alzir (AstroPilot remix) - Opus III

06. Distance - Kej

07. Sundram - Prahlad

08. Damodarastaka - Sri Hari

09. Yeh Duniya - Kej

10. Nag Champa - Steve Dragon

11. Forget Your Troubles - Pandas Dream feat. AstroPilot

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