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CD Born Free

CD Born Free

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The best New Age world music from Africa

Exclusive double CD album from the Born Free Foundation to support wild animal studies and preservation.

The magic of a journey through Africa - the world's most exciting continent - brought to you through a specially commissioned collection of original compositions written and performed by some of the world's finest ethnic composers. Each track on this memorable CD has been composed to portray a time, place or event in an African season.

Born Free Foundation - a charity dedicated to keep wildlife in the wild

CD1 New Age World Music

01. African Storm - Andrew Phillips

02. Freedom - Michael Vickerage

03. The Gathering - Rob Parrett

04. Land Of The Lion - George Raphael

05. Siya Phambili - Mark Britten

06. Big Cats - Chris Glassfield

07. Eternal Plains - Dave & Phil Massey

08. Red Dawn - Peter Willmot

09. Classical Africa - William Presland

Total playing time approx. 60minutes


CD2 Classical Music

01. Siciliana - J.S. Bach

02. Air On A G String - J.S. Bach

03. Cello Suite - J.S. Bach

04. Sarabande - J.S. Bach

05. Study In B Minor - F. Sor

06. Study In D Major - F. Sor

07. Study In E Minor - F. Sor

08. Study In A - F. Carulli

09. Adelita - F. Tarrega

10. Recuerdos De La Alhambra - F. Tarrega

11. Spanish Romance - Anon

12. My Love Hath Vowed - T. Champion

13. Flow My Tears - J. Dowland

14. Sicilienne - G. Faure

15. Gymnopedie No.1 - E. Satie

Total playing time approx. 50minutes

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