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Doris Guesthouse - Best Of The Jazzelectric Lounge

Doris Guesthouse - Best Of The Jazzelectric Lounge

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Jazz, Funk & Reggae Dub fused with Exotic Ethnic Vibes

Doris Decker is that famous saxophonist from hamburg, and this is her 2nd album with her band Doris' Guesthouse.
This CD is the loving result of her frequent travels to the exotic parts of India, Spain, Sri Lanka, Japan and even Egypt.

What culminates is an interesting blend of cultural influences with Jazz, Hip-Hop, Reggae Club and Electro Beats.
Listening to it is like experiencing a dance in some surreal faraway corner of our rich ethnic world.

01. Chasing For Love

02. Nochmal

03. Don't Even Think

04. Ask The Wind

05. Walking Boy

06. Uh Baby

07. Catch A Lion

08. Corazon

09. El Fuego

10. It's True

11. It's Me Again

12. La Vida Es Corta

13. Lucky In Love

14. Chasing For Love (Remix)

15. Nochamal (Extended Mix)

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