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CD Best Of Pulsedriver

CD Best Of Pulsedriver


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New release for 2009!

The ultimate collection of Pulsedriver's biggest dancefloor hits full length extended club versions!

Includes the new singles "Back to Love", "Youth of The Nation" and "Peave"


01. Cambodia (Original Mix)

02. Peace (Club Mix)
03. Youth Of The Nation (Extended Mix)
04. The Whistle Song (Club Mix)
05. Galaxy (Club Mix)
06. Slammin' (Extended Mix)
07. Something For Your Mind (Club Mix)
08. Your Spirit Is Shining (Extended Mix)
09. Kiss That Sound (Club Mix)
10. Vagabonds (Extended Mix)
11. I'm Rushin' (Extended Mix)


01. Back To Love (Club Mix)
02. Koma (Extended Mix)
03. Crosses (Extended Mix)
04. Mental Thing (Club Mix)
05. Beat Bangs!!! (Club Mix)
06. Move For Freedom (Club Mix)
07. Insane (Club Mix)
08. Take U High (Extended Mix)
09. I Dominate U (Extended Mix)
10. Move Your Feet (Club Mix)
11. Toxicated Smoke (Original Mix)

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