CD Best Diva Pop Dance Remixes


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Full length DJ club mixes of the biggest diva pop hits!


The songs of Rihanna, Duffy, Nelly Furtado, Leona Lewis, Mariah Carey... energized for the dancefloors

Disc One

1. It's my time (Extended mix) Klubkidz feat Sam Solace

2. Say it right (DJ Liam Keegan club mix) - Cheryl Barnes

3. Mercy (red Rhythm extended mix) - Alanta

4. Umbrella (SND Project club Mix) - Angelstar

5. Run (Extended mix) - Klubkidz feat Sam Solace

6. Eternal Flame (Club Mix) - Xquisite

7. This is it (Steen Ulrich Club mix) - Charlotte McKinnon

8. Chasing Pavements (JsJ remix) - Cherie M

9. Constant Craving (Illusive Mix) -Abigail


Disc Two

1.Without you (Julian marsh mix) - Cheryl Barnes

2. Hallelujah (Extended mix) - Klubkidz feat Sam Solace

3. Power of love (Julian Marsh Mix) - Karen Danzig

4. Take my Breath away (Futureforce club mix) - Tamara

5. Bleeding love (Extended mix) Klubkidz feat Sam Solace

6. Just like Jesse James (Late Night Pimpz club mix) - Angelstar

7. Hero (Futureforce club mix) -Tamara

8. Shattered Glass (Electric Allstarz club mix) -Natalie Powers

9. Angel of mine (Illusive mix) - Princess Paragon

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