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CD Baby Love Nursery Rhymes

CD Baby Love Nursery Rhymes

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A meticulous selection of instrumentals to serenade both you and your baby!


01. How Much Is That Doggie

02. Que Sera Sera

03. Round The Mulberry Bush

04. Do-Re-Me

05. You Are My Sunshine

06. Row, Row, Row Your Boat

07. Michael, Row The Boat Ashore

08. I've Been Working On The Railroad

09. How Cross Bun

10. Grandfather's Clock

11. My Bonnie

12. Sleeping Lion

13. Planting Rice

14. Getting To Know You

15. Oranges & Lemons

16. Johnny Works With One Hammer

17. Johnny Works With One Hammer (Music)

18. Simple Simon

19. The Camptown Races

20. The Ash Grove

21. Horsey Horsey

22. Ring-A-Ring A Rose

23. She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain

24. Three Blind Mic

25. Happy Birthday



01. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

02. Ten Little Indian Boys

03. Five Hundred Miles

04. Music Box

05. Micky Mouse

06. Rock-A-Bye Baby

07. Sing Your Way Home

08. Auld Land Syne

09. When The Saint Go Marching In

10. Long Long Ago

11. Skip To My Lou

12. Colour Of The Song

13. Calendar Song

14. Giraffe

15. On The Good Ship Lollipop

16. Once I Caught A Fish Alive

17. Once I Caught A Fish Alive (Music)

18. I Have Two Eyes To See With

19. Little Elephants Tug-Of-War

20. Little Polly Fingers

21. I Say Three Ships

22. Jack And Jill

23. The Laughing Man

24. Are You Sleeping

25. The More We Get Together

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