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CD Baby Love Music Box

CD Baby Love Music Box

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A meticulous selection of instrumentals to serenade both you and your baby!


01. And I Loved Her

02. All You Need Is Love

03. When You Believe

04. Always Love You

05. Top Of The World

06. Lay All Your Love On Me

07. What A Wonderful World

08. From This Moment On

09. Tonight I Celebrate My Love For You

10. I Love You

11. Say Yes

12. Summer Candles

13. I For You

14. Forever Love

15. The Wedding Song

16. I Like You

17. Wedding March

18. Wedding Chorus


01. Unchained Melody

02. My Funny Valentine

03. Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

04. Love

05. How Deep Is Your Love

06. Only If

07. Rhythm Of The Rain

08. Knowing Me, Knowing You

09. Addicted To You

10. Everything

11. La La La Love Song

12. Sweet Memories

13. I Love You

14. Kiss Of Life

15. A Man And A Woman

16. Eyes To Me

17. Every Heart

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