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CD Baby Love Grieg

CD Baby Love Grieg

Currency: SGD

A meticulous selection of Greig classicals to serebade both you and your baby!
Note: It has long been recognized that music play an important role in the development, well being and mental state of babies, both in the womb and after birth. This album is compile with baby in mind and will help your baby to relax and grow in their environment.


01. Morgenstimmung

02. To The Spring

03. In The Hall Of The Mountain King

04. Intermezzo - Borghild's Dream

05. Solveig's Song

06. Peace Of The Woods

07. Piano Concerto In A Minor Op. 16: Adagio

08. Symphonic Dance Op. 64

09. Butterfly

10. Lyric Suite, Op. 54: Nocturne

11. Death Of Aase



01. Dance Of Anitra

02. Little Bird

03. Shepherd's Boy

04. At The Cradle

05. Waltz

06. Ingrid's Lament

07. Once Upon A Time

08. Arietta

09. Berceuse

10. Dance Of The Fairies

11. March Of The Dwarfs

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