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CD Kyau Vs Albert - Here We Are Now

CD Kyau Vs Albert - Here We Are Now


Currency: SGD


Special Edition With Bonus CD!

Includes exclusive remix of the Young Parisians club smash, "Jump The Next Train"!

Kyau vs Albert are Germany's No.1 trance artiste who've produced and remixed for Blank & Jones, Above & Beyondm and Armin van Buuren. This is their debut album you must own!

01. Not With You

02. Velvet Morning

03. Falling Anywhere

04. Made Of Sun

05. Northern Star

06. Tell Me

07. New Gods

08. Save Me

09. Outside

10. Being You

11. Clarissa

12. Lost In Vain

13. Leavin'


Bonus Disc

01. Jump The Next Train (Kyau vs Albert Remix) - Young Parisians

02. Falling Anywhere (Rework)- Kyau vs Albert

03. Velvet Morning (Mirco de Govia Mix) - Kyau vs Albert

04. Not With You (Ronski Speed vocal Mix)-Kyau vs Albert

05. Made Of Sun (KvA Hard Dub) - Kyau vs Albert

06. Outside (Sonorous Remix) - Kyau vs Albert

07. Follow You (Kyau vs Albert Remix) - Sun Decade

08. Epic Monolith (Kyau vs Albert Remix) - Mirco de Govia

09. Not With You (Sonorous Remix) - Kyau vs Albert

10. Velvet Morning (Beach Vibe Mix) - Kyau vs Albert

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