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CD Gabin Best Singles Collection

CD Gabin Best Singles Collection

Currency: SGD

Hailing from Italy and renowned on the international lounge music circuit, Gabin's unique talent lies in fusing Jazz, Bossa Nova and swing with a twist of electro intelligence


01. La Maison

02. Doo Uap, Doo Uap, Doo Uap

03. Delire Et Passion

04. Sweet Sadness

05. Urban Night

06. Gabin Vs Cal's Bluedo

07. La Maison (Di Battista's Dream)

08. Into My Soul

09. The Thousand And One Nights

10. It's Gonna Be

11. Midnight Caffe'

12. ... And She's Still Watching Me



01. So Many Nights

02. Baby, Good-Bye

03. Keep It Cool (Fennec The Latin Lover Cat Version)

04. Life Can Be So Beautiful

05. Soul Scrubble

06. Slow Dancing Dans La Maison

07. I Gotta Go For Love

08. City Song

09. If You Want Me

10. Fim De Noite

11. Between The Lines

12. Lost And Found

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