DVD The Vienna Boys' Choir - Silk Songs Along The Road And Time


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Internationally acclaimed filmmaker Curt Faudon brings to life an intimate and unique view of the Vienna Boy’s Choir, the most famous boys’ choir in the world. The film takes the viewer for a whirlwind spin around the world and deep into the choir’s history, with music to match. Faudon deftly changes locations, music, sounds, and moods, matching the choristers’ own fast pace of life and continually surprising the viewer with music or offbeat facts from the choir’s rich past or frank interviews with insights from the boys – straight from the horse’s mouth. Experience a touching coming-of-age- story, breathtaking musical performances and awe-inspiring international locations along the Silk Road with tidbits of mystery. 

The musical offerings, culled from the choir’s long tradition and musicological field research, come in Latin, Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, French, Marathi, Maori, Savo Finnish, Tajik, Urdu, Uyghur, Uzbek, and German. Most of the pieces have not been recorded by the Vienna Boys’ Choir before. 

01. Wa habibi (My beloved). Hymn from Lebanon
02. L’homme armé (The armed man). French Renaissance chanson
03. Josquin Desprez: O Domine I.II
04. Antonio Caldara: Ego sum panis vivus (I am the living bread)
05. Jog.wa (I ask for yoga). Bhajan from Kolhapur, India
06. Yulduz Usmanova: Shoch va gado (The king and the beggar)
07. Yulduz Usmanova / Gerd Schuller: Shoch va gado. Film Score
08. Sus Xâtin (Lady of Water). Uzbek rain song
09. Gerd Schuller: Sus Xâtin. Film Score
10. Haq Ali (Truth, Ali). Qawwali from Pakistan
11. – 13 Antonio Vivaldi: excerpts from: Gloria in D, RV 589
12. No. 4/5 Coro: Gratias agimus / Propter magnam gloriam tuam
13. No. 8 Alto e coro: Domine Deus
14. No. 9 Coro: Qui tollis peccata mundi
15. Veni creator spiritus (Come, creator spirit). Gregorian chant
16. Tarakihi (The locust). Maori folk song
17. Alamuhan. Uyghur folk song
18. Field hollers from Darg, Tajikistan
19. Guadifeng. Xiaodiao from Gansu
20. John Pond Ordway / Li Shutong: Li Ge (Song Bie) Farewell song
21. Kou-lueull tsian. Craftsmen’s song from the Ordos Region, China
22. Gerd Schuller: Fau Dong Pe China Medley. Film Score
23. Franz Schubert: Die Post (The mail), from: Die Winterreise op. 89 D 911
24. Franz Schubert: Der stürmische Morgen (The stormy morning), from: Die Winterreise op. 89 D 911
25. Ievan Polkka (Eva’s polka), from Finland
26. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart / Gerd Schuller: Terracotta Army. Film Score

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