DVD The Raconteurs - Live At Montreux 2008


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The Raconteurs (Jack White, Brendan Benson, Patrick Keeler and Jack Lawrence) came to Montreux in 2008 as part of the tour in support of their second album "Consolers Of The Lonely". They delivered a great performance of their distinctive brand of rough, tough rock 'n' roll with great tunes and even better guitar licks featuring many of their best known tracks including "Steady, As She Goes", "Many Shades Of Black", "Broken Boy Soldier", "Salute Your Solution" and more.

01. Consoler Of The Lonely

02. Hold Up

03. You Don't Understand Me

04. Top Yourself

05. Old Enough

06. Keep It Clean

07. Intimate Secretary

08. Level

09. Steady, As She Goes

10. The Switch And The Spur

11. Rich Kid Blues

12. Blue Veins

13. Many Shades Of Black

14. Broken Boy Soldier

15. Salute Your Solution

16. Carolina Dream 

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