DVD The Doobie Brothers The Wolf Trap


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Filmed in High Definition

Superb performance from 2004 including: "Rockin' Down The Highway", "Listen To The Music", "Long Train Running", "Black Water"


Band line-up: Tom Johnston, Mike Hossack, John Mcfee, Keith Knudson & Pat Simmons


01. Rockin' Down The Highway

02. Jesus Is Just Alright

03. Dangerous

04. Another Park, Another Sunday

05. People Gotta Love Again

06. Spirit

07. Steamer Lane Breakdown

08. South City Midnight Lady

09. Snake Man

10. Nobody

11. Five Corners

12. Rainy Day Crossroad Blues

13. Clear AS The Driven Snow

14. Neal's Fandango

15. Takin' It To The Streets

16. Don't Start Me Talkin'

17. Take Me In Your Arms

18. Little Bitty Pretty One

19. Black Water

20. Long Train Runnin'


21. China Grove

22. Without You

23. Listen To The Music


Bonus Features

Bonus Tracks:

01. Dangerous

02. Takin' It To The Streets

03. Without You

Backstage Pass Interviews

Interactive Concert / Songwriter Commentary Interview

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