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"Hello Montreal... long time no see. You wanna get crazy?"


Queen Rock Montreal, recorded live at Montreal's 18,000 seater Forum over two nights in November 1981, is a celebration of Queen at the very height of their 80's record breaking achievements. It is also a historic recording of the very last concerts of Queen 'raw'.


This was the time when Queen had topped both the US singles and album charts for the first time, had become the first band ever to top the UK singles, albums and video charts simultaneously and on their historic invasion of Latin America had broken the world record attendance record for a single paying concert when 131,000 Brazilians saw the band play Sao Paulo's Morumbi stadium. 1981 was, says John Deacon, "a year for discovering new audiences we didn't know existed."


Queen ended tht year of extraordinary events at Montreal's Forum. The dates - November 24 and 25, 1981 - were scheduled specificially to make a full length film of their live show. As would be expected of Queen, they took the form of the concert film to a new level, becoming the first group to shoot an entire show in full cinema format 35mm.


Having spent almost two years non-stop touring, and invigorated by their triumphant Latin America experience, Queen hit Montreal in top form.


This is pre the Hot Space, album, before keyboards would find a place in the band's touring line up; just four God-gifted musicians in total rapport, delivering live the energy and innovation of their studio recordings.


Originally titled We Will Rock You, this film was released in North America in 1984 becoming the first commerically available film of Queen in concert. In this special edition, the 35mm negative was scanned to ensure the highest possible resolution, this was then examined frame by frame where any splices, dirt or damage were removed to enhance the sharpness and quality of the picture. The sound was newly mixed and remastered for DTS Surround Sound and PCM stereo from the original multitrack tapes. 25 tracks and 96 minutes of Queen in peak form.


Brian May and Roger Taylor bring the story up to date with a brand new audio commentary of the Montreal concert.

01. Intro

02. We Will Rock You (fast)

03. Let Me Entertain You

04. Play The Game

05. Somebody To Love

06. Killer Queen

07. I'm In Love With My Car

08. Get Down Make Love

09. Save Me

10. Now I'm Here

11. Dragon Attack

12. Now I'm Here (Reprise)

13. Love Of My Life

14. Under Pressure

15. Keep Yourself Alive

16. Drum And Tympani Solo

17. Guitar Solo

18. Crazy Little Thing Called Love

19. Jailhouse Rock

20. Bohemian Rhapsody

21. Tie Your Mother Down

22. Another One Bites The Dust

23. Sheer Heart Attack

24. We Will Rock You

25. We Are The Champions

26. God Save The Queen

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