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Paul Rodgers' passion is writing and performing music. He founded and led three bands; Free, Bad Company & The Firm to worldwide success, and now enjoys a critically-acclaimed solo career. The possessor of one of the great rock voices, he is also a powerful songwriter and an accomplished instrumentalist. From a man who prefers to keep a low profile, his long-awaited debut solo DVD "Live In Glasgow" captures new songs alongside his many hits, including some that he has not performed in thirty five years. This DVD showcases his supreme talent as a soulful, live rock performer.


"Paul Rodgers has been. and still is by far, one of the finest talents of our musical genre" - Jimmy Page 2007


"Simply the greatest rock / blues singer alive" - Brian May 2007


"Blessed with one of the most distinctive voices in rock, his voice has retained its wonderful range and lustre" - The Times London 2006

01. I'll Be Creepin'

02. The Stealer

03. Ride On A Pony

04. Radioactive

05. Be My Friend

06. Warboys (A Prayer For Peace)

07. Feel Like Makin' Love

08. Bad Company

09. I Just Want To See You Smile

10. Louisiana Blues

11. Fire And Water

12. Wishing Well

13. All Right Now

14. I'm A Mover

15. The Hunter

16. Can't Get Enough

17. Seagull


Bonus features - Special Guest Performance, Interviews with Paul Rodgers, The Band and Fans

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