DVD Neil Diamond - The Thank You Australia Concert Live 1976


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Just ten years after solitary man rocketed onto the charts and introduced us to the musical magic of Neil Diamond; his 1976 tour of Australia & New Zealand sparked a nationwide frenzy and remains one of the most memorable in Australian history. Revisit this definitive concert event from the legendary songwriter and performer in this special collectible package. Originally broadcast as a tribute to a nation of wonderful fans, the 'Thank You Australia' concert release is a testament to one of music's most original, inspiring and enduring stars. Neil Diamond delivers the enthralling performance of a consummate showman. The ultimate fan's collectors item, essential viewing.

01. Missa

02. Soolaimon

03. Play Me

04. Solitary Man

05. Cherry Cherry

06. Sweet Caroline

07. The Last Picasso

08. Longfellow Serenade

09. Song Sung Blue

10. Cracklin' Rose

11. Holly Holly

12. I Am, I Sad

13. Anthem

14. Be

15. Dear Father

16. Skybird

17. Lonely Looking Sky

18. Anthem (Reprise)

19. Be (Reprise)

20. Brother Love's Traveling

21. Salvation Show

22. I've Been This Way Before


Bonus features:

Extra concert footage of 'Morningside'

Special behind the scenes introduction with David Frost

Live commercials from the stage

'A current affair' interview

Photo gallery of previously unreleased images

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