DVD Naturally 7 - Live At Montreux 2007


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Naturally 7 brought their unique style of Vocal Play to Montreux in 2007. These seven incredibly talented singers from New York manage to sound like a full band without the use of any instruments other than their voices and have been wowing audiences around the world. This concert marked Naturally 7's first appearance at the festival and their distinctive arrangements of tracks such as "In The Air Tonight", "Broken Wings", "Sound Of Silence" marked a new chapter in their ongoing success story.

01. Fly Baby

02. Can Ya Feel It?

03. Broken Wings

04. Another You

05. What Is It? (Excuse Me)

06. Say You Love Me

07. Simon & Garfunkel Medley: Sound Of Silence / Scarborough Fair / April Come She Will

08. Back To The Essence / Solos

09. Feel It (In The Air Tonight)

10. Open Your Eyes

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