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Filmed in Hong Kong, in December 2012, during Connie Talbot's first concert tour, in support of her hit album "Beautiful World". This remarkable live performance, from 12 years old Connie, includes her performing songs from her "Beautiful World" album, and the songs that first brought her worldwide fame, "Over The Rainbow" and "I Will Always Love You".


Bonus features include, highlights of her Taiwan concert and twelve music videos from "Beautiful World". No doubt, this outstanding concert performance is a milestone for the future superstar Connie Talbot. An unmissable event for all Connie friends!!


Includes bonus CD "Live In Hong Kong"

Live In Hong Kong

01. Fireflies

02. Count On Me

03. Let It Be

04. Imagine

05. What The World Needs Now

06. Amazing Grace

07. Colours Of The Wind

08. Beautiful World

09. I Will Always Love You

10. The Climb

11. Over The Rainbow

12. Gift Of A Friend

13. Heal The World


Music Videos

01. Count On Me

02. Let It Be

03. The Climb

04. What The World Needs Now

05. Fireflies

06. Beautiful World

07. Amazing Grace

08. Pray

09. Gift Of A Friend

10. Colours Of The Wind

11. Heal The World

12. Hero

13. Beautiful World (Karaoke)

14. Amazing Grace (Karaoke)


Bonus: Live In Taipei

01. Imagine (Acoustic Version)

02. Colours Of The Wind (Acoustic Version)

03. I Will Always Love You (Acoustic Version)

04. Taipei Concert Highlights

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