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Brazilian Lounge All Stars

Brazilian Lounge All Stars

Currency: SGD

A hit selection of modern Bossa Nova grooves. Brazilian lounge all stars is a quality compilation of top artistes blending popular Bossa lounge songs with chillout vibes. Traditional sounds join contemporary styles in an irresistible way.

Chillout master Andre Andreo (Cafe Del Mar fame) joins Jazz pianist Michel Freidenson, electronic producer Edson X, sexy vocalist Cris Cabianca and other artistes of the new generation of Brazilian talent. Together they deliver a refreshingly luxurious soundtrack for groovy nights, highlighting Brazilian rhymes, Latin Jazz and feel house flavors.


01. No Flash Please - Electrobossa

02. Summer Crash - Mandala

03. Sem Voce - Electrobossa feat. Graca Cunha

04. Rainha Do Mar - Edson X

05. Samba No Pe - Gallo

06. Levada Brasileira - Bossabeat

07. Bossa Na Mata - Edson X

08. Zamba-Zamba - Kimikumana

09. CHiquito - Electrobossa feat. Michel Freidenson

10. Bossa Nova - Sun Swing

11. Rio Fever - Perfect Loopers

12. Terra & Ceu - Electrobossa feat. Tania Maya



01. Brazilian Way - Outer Planet

02. Rei Nago - Chill-Out Rapadura

03. Amazon Sun Space - Andre Andreo

04. So Com Voce - Cris Cabianca

05. Sambaclube - Electobossa

06. Clouds - Andre Andreo

07. Agogo - The Globe Saloon

08. Introspective - Doppler

09. Na Madrugada - Electrobossa feat. Graca Cunha

10. Bourbon Street - Michel Freidenson

11. Scarborough Fair - Cris Cabianca

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